Sunday, October 26, 2014

2014...It's Been A Ride We Didn't Expect.

Back in January of this year (2014 that is) I said to my husband and our friends I couldn't wait to see and experience what adventures lye ahead for the next year. In retrospect I had no idea what 2014 had in store for me or my family; some moments we never saw coming and my whimsical excitement about the future then now seems almost foolish.

We came into the Spring refreshed. Our son had finally decided his new school was a good place. We had finished our debt elimantion plan and had a five year plan for saving and moving to a new home.

We never in our wildest dreams thought we....I would find myself pregnant again and that we would be so excited by the discovery. Of course we also didn't anticipate losing that pregnancy either; especially after two healthy pregnancies. As what would have been our due date approaches I am having a difficult time with the thoughts of what could have been sneak up. However, Mike and I are always there for each other when those little moments happen and should we be surprised again we now know how we feel about it.

I also never thought my in-laws (Mike's mom and Step-father) would decide to move half time to Texas (we blame this all on a boat). The even bigger surprise came 2weeks later when my fater-in-law decided his Colorado house was too much house with the Texas house and asked if we wanted to buy it. The house actually did check off a lot of things we were looking for so we decided to do it! Our last 6 weeks have been nothing but HOUSE HOUSE the point we began to think our children were going feral! I don't how people with kids fix up a house, keep it nice and get it on the market. We had multiple "we're going to list on this date dates" that up and passed us by as we found more things to touch up, back up and clean up. I've lost count (probably due to paint fumes) of the late nighters, restless nights, weird dreams and trips to remove clutter but now our home is officially on the market! I realize the chaos isn't over; I now have to keep my house this spotless and of course pack and remove what remains when we sell...the garage scares me!!
And while I'm excited about our new home and making it our own; I am surprised to find myself tears eyed about leaving the home I brought my babies home too. Plus I will dearly miss my great neighbors!

There have been so many little moments of surprise, laughter, tears, sadness and joy. I can't even begin to pretend that I have a clue how this year will wrap up. I don't dare even take a guess.

I do want to take a moment though to thank everyone who has:
Laughed with us and cried with us
Encouraged us and comforted us
Just listened when nothing could be fixed
Supported us and gave us space
Feed us and met us for coffee.
Without all of you this year would have been hard to bare. Thanking for being a part of our lives.

Here's to the next 8 weeks; 2014 I will be difinely be toasting your closure.

Jenny B

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