Sunday, October 26, 2014

2014...It's Been A Ride We Didn't Expect.

Back in January of this year (2014 that is) I said to my husband and our friends I couldn't wait to see and experience what adventures lye ahead for the next year. In retrospect I had no idea what 2014 had in store for me or my family; some moments we never saw coming and my whimsical excitement about the future then now seems almost foolish.

We came into the Spring refreshed. Our son had finally decided his new school was a good place. We had finished our debt elimantion plan and had a five year plan for saving and moving to a new home.

We never in our wildest dreams thought we....I would find myself pregnant again and that we would be so excited by the discovery. Of course we also didn't anticipate losing that pregnancy either; especially after two healthy pregnancies. As what would have been our due date approaches I am having a difficult time with the thoughts of what could have been sneak up. However, Mike and I are always there for each other when those little moments happen and should we be surprised again we now know how we feel about it.

I also never thought my in-laws (Mike's mom and Step-father) would decide to move half time to Texas (we blame this all on a boat). The even bigger surprise came 2weeks later when my fater-in-law decided his Colorado house was too much house with the Texas house and asked if we wanted to buy it. The house actually did check off a lot of things we were looking for so we decided to do it! Our last 6 weeks have been nothing but HOUSE HOUSE the point we began to think our children were going feral! I don't how people with kids fix up a house, keep it nice and get it on the market. We had multiple "we're going to list on this date dates" that up and passed us by as we found more things to touch up, back up and clean up. I've lost count (probably due to paint fumes) of the late nighters, restless nights, weird dreams and trips to remove clutter but now our home is officially on the market! I realize the chaos isn't over; I now have to keep my house this spotless and of course pack and remove what remains when we sell...the garage scares me!!
And while I'm excited about our new home and making it our own; I am surprised to find myself tears eyed about leaving the home I brought my babies home too. Plus I will dearly miss my great neighbors!

There have been so many little moments of surprise, laughter, tears, sadness and joy. I can't even begin to pretend that I have a clue how this year will wrap up. I don't dare even take a guess.

I do want to take a moment though to thank everyone who has:
Laughed with us and cried with us
Encouraged us and comforted us
Just listened when nothing could be fixed
Supported us and gave us space
Feed us and met us for coffee.
Without all of you this year would have been hard to bare. Thanking for being a part of our lives.

Here's to the next 8 weeks; 2014 I will be difinely be toasting your closure.

Jenny B

Sunday, May 25, 2014


The word, Shine...

Does it hold any meaning to you?

It's a simple word. One I honestly hadn't thought much about or used. Prior to last week if had been asked that question I probably would have referred to a bright light or the sliver of sun that peaks into my room in the morning.

My son says that's it means the sun is shining on people.

Good ole Webster says, 1: to emit rays of light 2: to be bright by reflection 3: to be eminent 4: to have a bright glowing appearance.

Recently the word, shine, has taken on new meaning for me and it's been showing up everywhere! Here's the story....

It all started with my good friend, Shanwa Grover, who started her own business. Now this isn't a plug for her business, it's part of my story but if you do want to check her out here's the link I love the foundation and concept around her company so anytime she needs someone to assist for pictures to be taken or to try ideas to be tried out I'm there!! Her June theme or concept was around the word "Shine".

First, Shawna shared a quote with me. If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely by Roald Dahl. I pondered this statement as I began to make my yellow and teal "SHINE" banner in my Kreation Krate. I had been making an effort to make my outward appearance shine but I needed to shine from within. If I could feel the warmth of the sun from its rays then could someone who crosses my path feel my rays?! My "SHINE" banner now hangs in my living room and I see it countless times a day; it's become a great reminder that I can still shine!

A few nights later I open Pinterest and see a quote from Nelson Mandela; "As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same." This is huge I think; my son is so empathic and I need him to feel me shine so he can shine.

Then my friend, Diana, is grocery shopping and sees summer Oreos filled with yellow (one of my favorite colors) frosting and a bee stamped on the cookie. She grabbed a bag and headed straight for my house. As I opened the package to begin to share the cookies with my family I noticed that not all the cookies had a bee stamped on it. There is was, "Shine On", was stamped on my cookie. I grinned ear to ear because my cookie was encouraging me to shine....yes a cookie!!!

In researching ectopic pregnancies I discovered Marilyn Monroe had one and next to her image was this quote by her. "Everyone is a star and deserves a chance to shine."

After a horrible post op appointment with my OB; Shawna gives me a card that I wait to open until I get home. It reads, "Hang In there--- Sometimes the prettiest flowers grow in the biggest pile of shit." I burst out laughing to the point of tears and I think that flower will need some major sunshine!

The one evening while driving Westward I turned on the radio and John Lennon's song Instant Karma (We All Shine On) rolled out. I drove on watching the setting sun shine between cloud layers adding height to the mountains ahead. Ironically the song was followed by Bob Marley's 3 Little Birds; it just couldn't get better than that!

Then today I walked into a garden shop and saw across the room a yellow magnet reading "shine"! I got a big smile on my face and I had to buy it. Every time I hear or see the word I can feel the warmth I have flow through me and shine out. 

The word "shine", once so simple has now taken on somewhat of a theme or mantra for me as I make an effort to deal with and move past some of life's events (okay one particular event). I remember that my body, heart and mind will heal and become stronger. I can shine even if I'm hurting; even if I feel scared or nervous as time goes on together our families love will shine and light our path.

Jenny Bonfiglio

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Learning Something New Everyday

They say you should learn something new everyday. I don't think many of us take the time to do so. It could be as simple as checking out a cookbook and learning a new recipe, asking a perfect stranger on a bus a question or even googling something on our smart phones that we never put down.

I've learned a few things over this last week; 7 things actually. I won't claim that they came one a day; it was more like a light bulb ...okay flood light went off over my head!! Some seem real obvious but other are often forgotten over time; I guess it takes big events to remind us.

Here are my moments of clarity. Please if inclined share your experiences and moments.

1. The desire to focus on something other than your own problems.
I've had the urge maybe three times to adopt a cat or dog over the past week so that I would have something new to focus on and mother!!! Luckily each time the moment has passed with no action; mainly because I can't drive!! I finely realized it was okay to focus my efforts on me and doing what was necessary to heal and discover what I and we want in our lives.

2. "Get Yourself Something Pretty Sweetheart!"
Even if I feel bad; it really does make feel better to put on one of my skirts and a top other than a tee-shirt. I know it sounds superficial but it actually has helped. Plus it kind of goes along with number 1 in that it's taking extra time on yourself.

3. Find Beauty In Everyday.
I lay in the grass in my backyard every evening now. I can study every blade of grass. I watch seahorse clouds float across the sky. I laugh as my dog knocks squirrels off the fence. I feel the breeze go over my legs. I've even seen a few sunrises this week.

4. Don't Get So Worked Up Over The Trivial Stuff.
In the moment it's hard to take a breath and calm down. I don't know if it's lack of energy or a new perspective but I don't seem to focused on what really doesn't matter in the end.

5. Say Goodbye To Your Kids Every Morning.
I do this...obviously! I realized that if something would have gone wrong last Tuesday that I didn't get to tell my kids what was happening or that I loved them before I went into surgery. However I now seem to do it differently; now I hug longer and I tell them something specific about them that I love. 

6. Say Yes!
I'm not talking about watching the movie or listening to the song! If someone offers to make you dinner; say yes! If someone offers to get you anything from the store or library; say yes! If some offers to do your dishes or laundry; say yes!! I used to be terrible at admitting I needed something but this has really shown me that it's okay to reach out and be honest.

7. Slow Is Nice.
I've learned the slower life is very nice. Not necessarily having outings or tasks to do all the time everyday is freeing. Sure it's been hard to just sit and watch the weeds get bigger in my back yard (I can't bend over without getting dizzy!) and if my mind is allowed to wander I might find myself in tears or laughter but it been very rewarding to process what I'm actually thinking when it comes. I'm hoping I can keep this going as the months pass.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The last 6 days

Over the past 6 days a lot has happened and I've been asked a lot of questions; often it's the same 4 questions. I thought I might try to write out what happened while I enjoyed the quiet sounds of morning. Hopefully this will answer any lingering questions and be therapeutic for me at the same time. I warn: this is long, parts are funny, parts are sad, I don't apologize. I'm a whirlwind of emotions. I do great when people are here and distracting me but I sink when I'm alone and my mind wanders.

I discovered in April that we were pregnant. We weren't trying to get pregnant but I was thrilled by the discovery. I had this crazy idea that I could wait a whole 13 days to tell my husband just so that I could tell him on April 22nd in the Denver Botanical Gardens. He had proposed to me there and we already had a date planned to go back for Earth Day. Operation, Keep-My-Trap-Shut, began. The week days were easy; he would leave for work and when he was home the boys were always around. The weekends were torture; I don't know how many times I went to the store for something "I forgot" to avoid bursting the news when ever he smiled in my direction.  

I made it 7 days. Mike's work would be sending him to Delaware on April 21st...our date is tentatively cancelled. Mike tells me that his boss said he could have a day off the following week of his return to spend with me if he liked. I began to cry and told Mike we needed to talk. I proceeded to tell him I couldn't bare the thought of having to wait another 14 days to tell him that I had a gift for him and he couldn't leave town not knowing what was going on. I then handed him a box with a sweet pea inside and told him that was the size of our baby. It wasn't the romantic setting I had pictured of telling him the surprising news but we both held each other laughing, crying and giggling on the couch. We knew the boys were going to be over the moon excited but we decided that we would tell them on Mother's Day and then let them tell the rest of the family on that day when we saw them in the afternoon for brunch.

On April 18th I began to have sharp pains and light bleeding. I called my OB and was reassure that this is common in 1/3 of pregnancies. However they still wanted to do a blood draw to check my numbers and again in 48 hours. Roo and I raced up to the hospital for blood draw number 1. The results came back later that day showing I was pregnant but had low progesterone. We began progesterone therapy to assist my uterus that night and by the following morning bleeding had stopped. Easter morning we all piled into the car and go for blood draw number 2; being Easter we knew no one would be available to give us the results until Monday. Mike and I put on good faces and continued to host Easter Brunch even though our minds were elsewhere. At one point the gig was almost up as Ben decided to tell my mother-in-law, Carrie, that a lady shot mommy this morning and took her blood.

On Monday the 21st the nurse calls and states that my HCG count doubled and the pregnancy is progressing. We make my 8 week appointment for May 8th. I called Mike in Delaware and told him the good news. I discovered I no longer like soy or orange flavored anything. The day goes by with ease and stress free.

It's April 22nd, Earth Day!!! I decided to go to the Denver Botanical Garden even though Mike is away; it's a free day so I couldn't pass it up!! I hadn't gone to the gardens since the winter I was pregnant with Ben so this was a wonderful moment for me. I found a beautiful spot to sit and meditate. I was on a rock up on a hill, pine trees and bushes with fragrant white flowers circled me and below was a water way trickling. I took the time to hear and feel the breeze, inhale the sweet fragrance and let the the water calm me. I prayed that our baby would be blessed with the gentle song of the birds, the serenity of the water, the strength of the pine trees roots and the sweetness of the flowers.

On April 25th I had another moment of light bleeding but no pain and I remember my OB & Midwife said this is normal. Mike came home from Delaware and bought a beautiful book for the kids; we would like to base the theme for the nursery off the book. Dream Animals by Emily Winfield Martin

April 27th I made a list of names. More girl names than boys but that's the way it always was. It will take the full 9 months to narrow it down!!

Tuesday April 29th @ 9am I dropped Roo off at preschool and headed to the chiropractor for my weekly adjustment; my back was really bothering me. I left the chiropractor and was at 144th and Huron when I screamed out; sharp pain wrapped around me. I began breathing heavily and moaning to try and get through the pain while I proceeded to try and drive home. I got to my driveway and had trouble getting out of my car but I finally made up stairs to my room. I went to the bathroom thinking maybe this is the worst case of gas ever in the history of the world but nothing happened in that department. I laid down but the pain kept coming in strong waves and then I realized I was bleeding too. I called the OB again and this time they said for me to head to their office and they could see me around noon. I got back into my car and headed out. I realized that if I went to the appointment their would be no one to pick up Roo from preschool because Mike was working and Grandma Donna was at the zoo on Ben's field trip. I called Mike as I pulled I to the preschool telling him that I was grabbing Roo and heading to the doctors because something was wrong. He could hear the pain and tried to get me to stay put but I was already in motion. Walking made things worse but I had to get into the school. Once I was inside and asked for my son the woman looked at me like she didn't understand what I said so I yelled at her that I needed my son now because I have to get to the doctor. Pain wraps around my entire body again and I clutch my stomach as my knees buckle. A man I don't know appears and asks if he can take drive me to my doctor and I tell him no. Two staff members Karen and Ann hear my voice and come. They insist on calling an ambulance which I resist and tell them I'll just wait for my husband. At some point I must of hit something on my phone because I looked down and Mike was on it; Ann grabbed my phone from me and asked Mike if she could call the ambulance while Karen whisked me into the sanctuary. I stare at the stained glass; I know something isn't right.

I found myself in Northeast ER on Holly. My OB's receptionist calls worried because I never walked in the door. I manage to tell her where I am and hung up. I was there for hours, had blood work done and two very painful bloody ultrasounds. I could hear pages for my attending doctor telling her radiology was on line one and then again when my OB was returning her call. A nurse comes in and said she needed to give me a second IV line just in case. "In case of what??" I asked. She tells me honestly you might need to be given blood. We now knew why I had been so dizzy over the past week; internal bleeding. Finally they come in and tell me what I deep down had already figured out. My pregnancy was in my right Fallopian tube, there would be another ambulance there in about 15-20 minutes to transfer me to Avista Hospital and I would go directly to surgery. I looked at Mike and told him to call family and tell them the truth now.

I rode to Avista with a Northglenn Ambulance crew, Arron, Eric and Katie. Despite the situation they made the ride very enjoyable and we even had a few laughs. Once at Avista we couldn't in the ambulance entry doors so as 30-35mph winds ripped my blankets off threatening to leave me only in a glamorous backless gown designed only for hospital parties I yelled, "Just ram the door with the gurney! I can take it!!". We're in!! I'm rolled briefly into PAC U since I'm already prepped for surgery I'm signing paper work, getting another quick blood draw and a glamorous mesh hair piece is now added to my look. The nurses are swooning over Aaron, my ambulance buddy...did I mention he had an Australian accent! Nurse April says, "Couldn't you just listen to him for hours? Everyone is coming over to hear what he has to say about you.". I said, "Yeah. He could tell me I was dying and I would ask to hear more.".

Hi, I'm Fentanyl and you are? I'm given 25 something of Fentanyl and head to the bathroom to pee one last time before surgery. Can't pee; must be stage fight. I start saying my Hail Mary's. Back on my gurney and the nurse decides to give me 50 more something's of Fentanyl! Dr.Spears enters and it sounds like we just beat out the other people in line for the OR with the quickest prep ever. "Oh babe, Mike, look at those nice curtains. We should get some for the house!!!" Yep I'm admiring ugly dull mesh hospital curtains. In my defense they were melting and swirling together. One last visitor, the anesthesiologist comes over and says "I'm going to give you the best margarita of your life.". Mike and I quickly say good bye because we know I'm about to go out. I tell him that it's only going to be me when I'm done and 3Bee would be gone.

I'm awake. I'm out. I'm back in PAC U. I can't remember that people have already spoken to me, left and come back to check on me, I want my dog. I'm out. Im awake, I'm in a hospital room, I did beautifully, Hail Mary, and I can go home if I want. I'm out. I'm awake, I'm not pregnant anymore, awe Mike is still here, I realize it's my deceased cousin's birthday, Hail Mary, do I want to go home, let me think about it. I'm out. I'm awake, Mike is trying to say good night, I'm guessing its best if I stay in the hospital since I can't stay conscious and have low blood pressure issues at the moment. I'm out. I'm awake, I have to pee, holy crap how many things am I tied too!!!!! NURSE!!!!!!!!!!!

The next morning, April 30th. Phone is full of messages and texts. Everyone knows but not in the original excited over joyed way that we had envisioned giving the news. There are 3 incisions on my stomach and one has a ruptured blood vessel and is swollen and purple. There is glue and adhesives all over me. I want food and I want to get out of there. Mike arrives and finishes my breakfast; my stomach wasn't ready for as much as I thought. My friend, Diana, arrives with Starbucks hot chocolate and an unsure smile to check on me. I'm busted out of Avista somewhere around 11am. 

I'm home and I don't know what to do with myself. My house smells but I can't clean it. I can't drive, lift anything or work out. Baths and hot tubs are out too! Friends reruns to the rescue!

We decided not to tell Ben and Roo what exactly happened but to show them my stomach so they would have an idea of why mommy was gone and why they need to be gentle around me. We have told them that I was sick and my doctor went into my stomach with tools help fix and make me feel better.

My friend, Sarah, bought over the biggest and best lasagna ever for us. My lasagna may never be good enough after this.

Our long time friends Drew and Andi happened to be in Denver and stopped by to visit us. It meant the world to me that they came by to check on us so late at night when they still had a long drive to get home but I truly didn't know what to say. I hear my husband say to his friend that he didn't realize what he wanted until it was taken. I realize this is his loss too and he's hurting not just for me.

It's May Day, normally a cheerful day for me.  Last night was hard as I kept dreaming that the walls in our house were crumbling like feta cheese. I'm rather irritated, confused and angry. Mike has taken me to the chiropractor because I can't move my neck. Everything else hurts too but I don't want anyone touching me. 

My neighbor, Lara, came to visit me while Mike was out; she caught me trying to do the dishes. I can handle her scolding me since she brought cupcakes. The cupcake frosting is made with marshmallow fluff and caramel!

People keep saying I'm glad you're okay. I'M NOT OKAY! I know they mean well. I know they mean we're glad your not dead from blood loss. I know they mean that it's good to see me home or standing. I know it's hard to know what to say and I'm so appreciative that everyone cares about us but I'm not okay. I want to take all my kitchen glasses and throw them; watch them break and shatter! I want to scream with ever fiber of my being but I can't because I have to think of what my children will witness and see.

I have a post-op scheduled for May 15th; my OB was able to save the Fallopian tube. Mike and I discuss if we will try to get pregnant again while hiding in our kitchen. Not that either of us is feeling very sexy right now but when we do have sex we have to use condoms over the next 2-3 months. While I may look outwardly healed it will take longer for my Fallopian tube to heal. There is a higher chance of another ectopic pregnancy during this time. Physically not ready until September...mentally who knows. I still want the one I lost.

May 2nd. Morning is here; I feel pretty numb about it.

My friend, Jeanine, came to see me this morning with a big chai in hand. I do good when people are here to visit; it's a nice distraction.

I swear my body is oozing hospital smell; this is disgusting!! I'm taking another shower. Hello blood clot; Hmmm well I've seen bigger!

I've learned I have about 30 minutes worth of energy per day which means my weekend plans are cancelled. I have given in to playing FarmVille while I'm in bed on limited movement.

Mike says he feels bad for constantly asking me how I am because he knows how I am and thinks he might be irritating me. I confide in him that if he didn't ask I would be mad but that for a while my answer would be the same. Sometimes we make jokes and other times we cry.

I woke up because I felt something embracing me but no one was in the room. I try to sleep but I keep having that falling sensation. Sometimes I open my eyes and see little wisps of blue and purple dance around.

Saturday, May 3rd. I watched the sunrise; the squirrels appear to be put out that I'm outside. The house was empty later in the morning. It's quiet but it's incredibly loud inside me. I'm very uncomfortable physically and within myself. I feel like I have no control. I can't really do a lot for my boys and I feel guilty.

3 showers and I still have hospital adhesives stuck to my body!!

Lara went on a walk with me today. Poor girl had walk her dogs a snails pace to stay with me. It felt like it took 20-30 minutes to get around the block and afterwards I was done!! I felt dizzy and nausea.

Donna picked up the boys again and took them to a rugby game! She been taking such good care of our boys. She picked them up from schools, she's played with them and kept them entertained so things would be quieter around here for Mike and I. 

I pointed and Mike and my mom planted things where I asked them too. Somehow it gives me a slight feeling of accomplishment that some seeds are planted.

I can see from my window my husband shaving my dog. It looks like she exploded all over the back yard!

My boys have asked daily to see my belly button and they touch it very sweetly....makes me cry.

My good friend, Colby, brought over a turkey sausage mascarpone cheese pasta. It's amazing! I'm clearly going to have to get these recipes when I'm feeling better. She going to take my boys on Monday for a play date. God bless her.... Her son, her twin babies and my two boys too! What a woman!!

Sunday May 4th. It appears I'm becoming a morning person. I don't know how I feel about that yet but I will pull myself out of bed to go see another sunrise. I heard the door open behind me and little Roo walk through it. He climbed into the chair next to me, stole my blanket and watched too.

I think I should write....

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Missing Sock

It lurks, it stares back at you...taunting you! Piles atop a dresser, a clothes line of them across the laundry room and the never endless pile in the bottom of the clean basket. The lonely sock screams back at you, "HAHAHA Laundry will never be done because of me!!!!!"

Today I will solve this problem! TODAY

So where do they go?  How do we find them?

Washer/Dryer Eating Them Theory:  I can debunk this theory!  I recently took apart the machines and cleaned them.  There wasn't one lonely sock in any hidden compartments.  Lot of lint but no socks!

The Dog Ate One Theory:  Well...I pick up our yard regularly & I've seen no sock bombs in our backyard! Debunked!!

One Got Thrown Away Theory:  My children throw away nope!  I only throw away socks in pairs because one frog sock and one sock with moose doing it don't nope!  My husband wears things until they disintegrate maybe but unlikely.

The Monster Under The Bed Theory: I pulled all under the bed storage boxes out and went to work with our vacuum.  Not one sock or monster was recovered!  Apparently I'm also missing our monster under the bed!

Stuck In The Bed Sheets Theory:  Okay. Yes that sounds possible; maybe that's where they are.  The sheets need to washed away so I pulled them off the bed.  Guess what??  No socks!

In The Bottom Of The Dirty Basket Theory:  Your telling me that for years they've just been in the bottom of the clothes basket?!  Just missing each other like ships passing in the night!?  Okay, lets see.  Ben, Roo and I will do all and I mean ALL the laundry in one day.  Nope I still have a lot of lonely socks.

What can I do with lonely socks?   Well Pinterest had some suggestions.
1. Make a sock duster.  Yeah I good on rags.
2. Make a sock snowman.  No thanks; the socks aren't that cute.
3. Set up a sock account on
4. Make a dress for Barbie out of a sock.  Hmmm I wonder if Ben's dinosaur would like a dress.
5. Make a sweater for your dog.  WHAT!?  Have you seen my dog?!
Okay I'm not getting my craft on with old socks!

With all dirty laundry cleaned and defeated by every search party coming up empty handed the boys and I took a break. 

"What's that noise?" Roo asks.  "It's the trash truck!" Ben replies.

Wait!  What?  The trash truck!!!!  That's it!  That's how I conquer and do ALL the laundry in one day and rid myself of lonely socks!!  I throw them away!!!!!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Let's Keep It Real/Check Out My Cake!

I'm a stay at home mom.  Sometimes I hear, read and see things that lead people to think stay-at-home-moms have it pretty easy or that we're a bunch of Martha Stewarts.

Myth One:  We get a mani/pedi every two weeks.  My last mani was Autumn 2005 and my last pedi was Spring 2008.  SEE.....

Now don't let this photo fool you either.  I'm not on a luxury yacht; I'm in a 4 seated swan sitting next to this guy...
(he's not happy)
Myth Two:  Bon Bons. Okay first a bon bon; get serious!  IF I'm eating ice cream everyday it's going to be a Magnum!  Now I'm not eating ice cream everyday because I don't have a personal trainer and the metabolism of a hummingbird!
Myth Three:  We Love To Play.  There's only so long you can walk on your knees pushing a train around a track saying choo choo before you want to start drinking at noon on the chance it may make it more fun.  Now take me to an out door space and I'll blow bubbles and explore trails for hours.
Myth Four: We Craft Everyday!  Okay  I can't lie...I love to craft with my kids; but my kids are 2 boys and they don't always love to craft.  I have friends with daughters who would like to craft but their mothers aren't crafty....go figure.  I still wouldn't trade my boys for anything.  SO I can rock a kids craft...I just had to let go of perfectionism.
(there were globs for paint dripping from that birdhouse)
(they became birds themselves)

(water color animals)
Myth Five:  We Bake Our Own Birthday Cakes & They're Incredible!
NOPE!  Can't do it!!  I've tried many times.  If it's a dessert bar, cookie or brownie; I can beat your ass at the county fair but a cake...well I'll just show you.
It fell apart while layering; there's a chocolate cream center in there attempting to hold it together.

Then I tried adding frosting to hide all the ugliness.  I'm seriously trying to do a good job here!  This why I will never make my child's birthday cakes...EVER!  God Bless my son for wanting Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!

Well at least someone still wanted to eat it!
Myth Six:  My house looks amazing.  I ban the boys from one room so I can clean it, move on to the next room and then walk through the first room to find this.
At least with this job if I want to scream I can just do it.  Those of you with a desk job have to go to your car on a break and scream.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Profound Thoughts

June 24th 2013
The Breakfast Table

The boys are eating cereal and bananas.  I'm having toast and iced coffee.

Roo farts....

Roo says, "That was my fart.  I fart when my tummy is angry."